e3 Partners

In fall 2008, I joined e3 Partners to provide creative branding support for the ministry.  At the time, the organization had a very mis-match, "everything goes" look to all of their brand experience touch points. There was very little consistency and the ministry was in desperate need for a brand image that reflected the forward thinking mission of the organization. The only restrictions were that we could not change the logo or colors — but we found that a clean, modern application made all the difference.  

In 2012, the organization turned to the creative team to address the need for a solid marketing strategy for increasing the mobilization of participants on mission trips. The team used this request as an opportunity to present a complete brand update as part of the proposal.  We believed that a brand update was essential to communicate our level of quality to the audience and revitalize the consumer base. The new brand strategy would also have a rejuvenating effect on the internal culture of our organization, injecting a vibrancy and youthfulness to the 25 year old ministry.

In a bold move, the team presented the organization with a fresh new brand to match the new culture and direction of the ministry. The cabinet and leaders embraced it and e3 Partners began to rollout the new brand update at the 2013 e3 World Conference. To help create corporate cohesion, each unique initiative within the ministry was assigned a unique color way version of the corporate arrow mark.  A basic brand guide was created to educate staff on the new image of the ministry.

The e3 brand refresh has slowly transformed the culture of the ministry and has proved its value by attracting new staff and partners to the organization.  From printed and electronic collateral to apparel and product design, the new brand image has encouraged a renewed corporate unity and pride.