i am second

A white chair, a black room, an honest account of a changed life. The truth, on display with raw authenticity and avant-garde style. Stories....from every crack and crevice of society, connecting across culture and geography, through ordinary people.

A non-profit started in 2008 through a collaborative effort by e3 Partners and Norm Miller, Chairman of Dallas-based Interstate Batteries, I am SecondĀ® leverages celebrities, athletes, influencers and showcases their stories of transformation. The media movement has been able to reach people from all walks of life to help them find hope, peace and fulfillment. The initiative first took the form of an interactive website with twelve short films dealing with real life issues and changed lives. Six years later, I am Second now boasts over 110 films, 25 million views, two best selling books and covers 219 territories worldwide.  


Launched with a website of less than 20 films, a handful of billboards and ad placements, the brand quickly began to pick up traction and the organization began to build opportunities to reach out into the community.  We realized that the genie was out of the bottle and that the brand needed to be properly stewarded as it evolved and grew over the years.   Joining the team just after launch, my role became instrumental in the evolution and management of the worldwide brand.