e3 Partners

In 2012, e3 Partners turned to my creative team to address the need for a solid marketing strategy for increasing the mobilization of participants on mission trips. I used this request as an opportunity to present a complete brand update as part of the proposal.  We believed that a brand update was essential to communicate our level of quality to the audience and revitalize the consumer base. The new brand strategy would also have a rejuvenating effect on the internal culture of our organization, injecting a vibrancy and youthfulness to the 25 year old ministry. 

To create corporate cohesion, each unique initiative within the ministry was assigned a unique color way version of the corporate arrow mark.  A basic brand guide was created to educate staff on the new image of the ministry.

Creative Collateral_20152S8A4770.jpg

World Cup Product Development

Prior to the 2014 World Cup, e3 Resources, a product division of e3 Partners, approached our team with a desire to redesign the eBall. The team spent months researching product designs, color applications and interviewed key customers to ensure the product would perform as both a quality ball for soccer and volleyball use, but also be an effective evangelism tool in the field. The end result far exceeded expectations and revitalized the product sales. Plus, we were able to leverage products across the brand channels by creating a product line for I Am Second and cross-promote the new items.


The e3 brand refresh has slowly transformed the culture of the ministry and has proved its value by attracting new staff and partners to the organization.  From printed and electronic collateral to apparel and product design, the new brand image has encouraged a renewed corporate unity and pride. 

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