Since December 2008, I've served as the chief brand steward of I am Second. Maintaining the essence and integrity of the original brand was my primary concern. As time moved forward, the organization, and the movement (as it had come to be known), began to mature and evolve. Slowly, we began to seek a fresh expression, yet strived to maintain the core brand image (typography, visual style and colors, etc.)  

This year, we are excited to launch many new projects as we've expanded the I am Second portfolio.  And now, we are looking ahead to evolve the expression of the core brand image along the way.  It will be an exciting season, as we experiment and create, seeing how to best express visually what we represent today.  Check out the 2016 preview film of our latest projects and know that as we move forward with each launch, we will be evolving and adapting to best represent the essence of I am Second.

Kristin BaxterComment